The "will you marry me" step ...

I have proposed in 2019. It was on a very cold December afternoon. We were on the beach, the sun was setting. I had prepared the custom made ring, a bottle of champagne, and two glasses in my oversized photography bag. I pretexted a family shot by a beach house, set the camera on video, and proposed.

The whole process was so stressful. The experience was so powerful. And the final yes is still so fresh in my mind. But gosh I would have loved being helped in the process. I would have loved to have a nicer place to propose, I would have loved to get a more romantic atmosphere, to get a sofa on the beach to drink our champagne and continue crying, and get a full collection of photographs of this instant.

That is the reason I have decided to offer a full Proposal Service for couples wishing to invest themselves in a custom-made experience and photographs to remember this unforgettable "will you marry me". For sure this applies for men proposing, but also for women, and all sex couples.

"I just wondered whether if Mr. Thacker realized he'd been a daft prick and got down on his knees and begged you to reconsider whether you would, in fact, then reconsider?"



We get in touch about your project, the potential locations, and I send you a custom made proposal including the planning, the styling, and the photography.

Every Proposal Service include the planning, the location scouting and proposal, the design of the proposal (floral, light, linens, props, ...), a guide so you know when to bend the knee, and so on.


Planning this type of thing requires flexibility, adaptability, and quick responsiveness. In the contract we plan for several dates where we would be all available around your project.

You only deal with one contract and everything is done online in order to remain confidential. Payment can also be managed confidentially in order to keep the surprise pristine.


You go for the walk you have told her you want to do. You've got a great attire because you have booked a restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of your first date. And there, at an unexpected time, you propose, celebrate an intimate moment, pop a bottle of champagne, and all along I discreetly document this moment happening.

Once you have both realized what's happening, we do a quick engagement shoot and then you really go this restaurant you have promised.


Custom proposal

Including planning, location scouting, decor design and installation, champagne and toasts.

Including also hybrid photography (film photography for the final shoot).

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