Long story short

My name is Yann M.

I am a wedding, editorial and portrait photographer, living in France and traveling one the most beautiful country in the world to tell stories. I debuted my career as a photographer in the early 2010's after being behind cameras for a long time.

I am married since 2021 to my gorgeous wife and muse , and I am the proud dad of our five year old son building a passion for photos and Lego bricks.

Here are few words to discover more about me, my vision, and my reason to create.

© photo by Elisabeth Van lent

I am deeply convinced that every single experience has to be lived fully, sincerely and with great honesty. Weddings are timeless events. They deserve the most sincere and delicate approach.

A reason to create

During the course of the past decade, I have had the luck to document extraordinary personal adventures in several countries around the globe.  With more than two hundred and fifty weddings (and counting) documented, I am still amazed by every single new story to tell.

These life events are of an extraordinary richness time never erases or diminishes. I imagine your wedding as a particular and unique project. To me, it cannot be another ceremony, another dress, another routine. What we are about to share has no precedent. Understanding and respecting your project to live a unique human experience will be our priority. My first responsibility will be to guide you and , to end up surprising you. 

Weddings are real personal experiences nourishing my motivations on every personal or professional project I will take pleasure documenting. Weddings have had a strong impact in my personal life since 2013 and have shaped my approach of every kind of photographic story. I absolutely need this shared honesty all along the way in order to create natural impactful images. I believe these images have to be closer to every human, closer to every moment, closer to the light installed upon each emotion.

Documentary weddings photographs are here to be an

authentic, timeless, and true heritage.

Why film photography ?

Being an artist. This is something I had always refused talking about while working on a digital camera. But working on film changed absolutely everything to my work, my vision, and my reason to create.

Film is not perfect. It can be as challenging as it can be surprising. The whole process of using a 70's camera, choosing your film following the lighting conditions, focusing manually, measuring your light, developing your films and receiving your scans is the best reward as a photographer. It is while shooting film I feel inspired the most. It is while shooting film I understand what creating pieces of art means. It is with film I create my best imagery, because of the colors, the smoothness, the imperfections, the grain and the uniqueness.

For the last three years I have decided to continue seeking for the best to offer to my clients, always searching for the Authenticity and Timeless final result. All my clients can be offered my recommended full film event coverage, or an hybrid coverage (mixing film for the key moments & digital for the fast ones).

And as I have to be as true to my words and the vision I will keep developing in the coming decade, the entire collection of photographs presented on this website is 99% film photography. However be assured the digital photography I offer will be equally awesome to your eyes and heart, as you won't even notice the remaining 1%.

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My Travel Dates

After years of traveling I have decided to reduce my planet footprint while working. Here are still some availabilities all year round in France and beyond.







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